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Join the wiki's discord server here! It is owned and operated by NRG. The team was announced as a franchise on September 13, On October 31, the team branding was revealed as the Chicago Huntsmen.

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On December 9, Sender joined as head coach. MBoZe joined as he second substitute on December Sender was listed as a substitute on the Call of Duty League website on January 13, In Week 2the Huntsmen became the first ever Call of Duty League tournament winners by beating Dallas Empire at London and finishing the event with a map count. No rest, no days off, always another mountain to climb.

The Huntsmen are more than just the biggest names in the game. The Huntsmen are tenacious. The Huntsmen are champions. Life will give you just enough to be comfortable. Sign In. From Call of Duty Esports Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Tournament Results. Schedule History. We are Chicago. Hidden category: TeamsWithAutomatedNews. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.You have an exceptional breadth of options to control your character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfarewith countless tweaks, configuration changes, sensitivity toggling, and masses of other minor elements to finely tune.

For the PS4 version of this guide, go here. For the PC version of this guide, go here. The different elements of the HUD, not all of which are shown in this example, provide quick, important, and tactical data that you must learn and utilize as you grow as a player. Numbers change to compass directions within five degrees of 0 North45 Northeast90 EastSoutheastSouthSouthwestWestand Northwest. Other markers may appear here including, but not limited to, red marks to show where enemies are firing from, or markers that show the general direction of objectives.

Variabilities also exist due to hip-firing, ADS, or moving about. In addition, your Tactical and Lethal equipment, along with the number carried, are also prominently displayed. In addition, when a Killstreak is recharging, the chosen Killstreak, and a progress bar, are shown in this area. In Special Ops, this is where your chosen Munitions will appear. Status on capturing an objective also appears will appear on the HUD. The display location can vary, but typically this type of information will appear on the center of your HUD.

You can also use this button to open doors. Holding the button engages and disengages your NVGs Night Vision Goggleswhere appropriate, on applicable maps, modes, and missions.

Additionally, ADS zooms into your equipped sights reticle or native. In certain Multiplayer game modes, a mini-map is displayed in the center of the screen, along with icons of your teammates, and other informative data. In addition, you can access social options, change your loadout in Multiplayer or Special Ops which takes effect after your next deathand enter the robust Options menu to change every aspect of control scheme.

A whole slew of sliders and settings awaits in the Options menu, with most, but not all, available to you in the middle of the game. Among the various settings here is the ability to adjust horizontal and vertical look sensitivity on a point scale. These options impact how fast or slow your operator is looking along the X and Y axis, respectively. A high sensitivity allows for quicker turns and may be ideal for those who can manage precision through micro-adjustments.

A low sensitivity could be great for those who find making precise shots easier at slower speeds. There are also two more sliders that adjust look speed while aiming down sights with scopes that zoom with high magnification Marksman Scopes and low magnification Rifleman Scopes.

It can be done. Care to change the button combination necessary to mount a weapon on specific environmental structures, or disable mounting completely? Be our guest. Would you like to disengage weapon mounting via movement? Want to choose between holding or toggling your aim button while in ADS?The Allied Riflemen are better with short range than the Axis Riflemen due to the semiautomatic rifle. It is usually best to pop off two quick shots to kill, but more may be necessary for close-quarters hip firing.

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The M1 Garand becomes much less effective at extremely long ranges. Axis Riflemen are better with medium range fighting because the bolt-action rifle they carry is slightly underpowered, and a chest or headshot is required to kill. Long-range shots often require two shots to kill, which makes this class very tricky to master because the time to manually cycle the bolt action gives enemies some, but not always enough, time to seek cover.

The Kar98k is largely useless in close quarters, so switching to the P38 is necessary in tight areas. This class starts with a Submachine Gun and spawns with sticky grenadeswhich stick to anything that they are thrown at. This class can move quickly and can also plant mines.

Chicago Huntsmen

Grenade Type: Sticky Grenade. The Thompson inflicts approximately the same amount of damage per shot as a pistol, but its high rate of fire and better ironsights make it a lethal weapon.

Recoil is controllable because the gun only moves up between shots.

scump modern warfare classes

At medium ranges, three to four-shot bursts may be required to maintain accuracy. The MP40 again inflicts similar damage to a pistol. It has extreme recoil, but the rate of fire is low enough that the weapon always returns to approximately the same direction between shots, so range is somewhat greater than the Thompson. The low rate of fire, when coupled with minimal damage per shot, make this weapon difficult to use; however, with experience, players can do quite well with the MP High mobility is also an advantage.

scump modern warfare classes

This class starts with an Automatic Rifle and has the ability to place mines. Grenade Type: Frag Grenade. This class has the unique ability to revive fallen comrades. If the Medic approaches a fallen ally, the Medic can use the class ability to revive and ready them for battle.

After the Medic has used the revive ability, the Medic must wait until the Special Ability meter on the right side of the screen fills before the Medic can use it again. Grenade Type: Smoke Grenade.

scump modern warfare classes

The trench gun used by Medics is extremely lethal at close range, but largely useless at any range other than close quarters. For more distant enemies, the player may need to switch to his sidearm or swap for a dropped weapon. The shotgun is pump-action, so the amount of time between shots may be an extreme disadvantage at times. Trench guns can be very useful in close quarters such as the bunkers of Verdun or the bridge and buildings in Eder Dam. Players can revive members of their own team who have been killed, which adds to their score, but does not increase the team's score in Team Deathmatch.

This class is useful for those who prefer long-range combat. It comes with a Sniper Rifle, and has the unique ability to use the Binoculars to call in Artillery Strikes on enemies. After the Scout has used the special ability, he must wait until the Special Ability meter on the right of the screen fills before being able to use the ability again.

As the Scout ranks up, his artillery strike will come in faster and fire more shells thus making it more deadly and destructive. Scouts are equipped with a scoped rifle that usually kills in one shot at any range.

It is generally difficult to use at close range, particularly with the time necessary to cycle the bolt action. When standing, the scope will move around the screen to simulate the inaccuracy resulting from the soldier's breathing; this effect is reduced when crouching, and reduced further when prone.

The player may hold L3 to simulate the soldier holding his breath, but must adjust to this quickly. The only difference between Allied and Axis Scouts is the primary weapon used and the sidearm.Scump and company would go on to be the most dominate team in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 season. OpTic would take their only 1st place finish at UMG Chicagobut would never finish outside of the top However, they continued to grow in streaming and YouTube.

Scump would continue to prove he was one of dominate players in the game, playing well at almost every event. The squad would eventually part ways with Merkand pick up JKap for the rest of the season. However, the teams placements would not improve with the swap. He stated that a rivalry with Nadeshot was causing problems in the house and on the team. Here, the squad faced a lot of adversity, but would finish 3rd for the second year in a row.

Here, OpTic performed at the next level, advancing all the way through their bracket to face Team Kaliber in the Grand Final.

Scump went big throughout the entire tournament to lead OpTic to victory, and become one of the first Gold Medalist for Call of Duty. At the Call of Duty World Championshipthe team placed a disappointing 7th after they went into the event as the clear favorites.

When they won UMG Cali it marked their 3rd straight event win in three consecutive weekends in three different countries. Once again, they fell short and placed 2nd to Scump's ex teammate, Clayster 's FaZe team for the the final time in AW. He stated that the World Finals was the only event where he felt like he got carried, but it still marked Scump's and OpTic's most successful year by far.

Getting Started in Modern Warfare®: Controls and Settings (XB1)

However, their success from Advanced Warfare did not carry over right away. After they came home from this disappointing loss, Scump shared an "eSports Team of the Year" award with his teammates as well as OpTic.

NA and Apotheon eSports. Scump and his team remained in first for the majority of the season leading up to UMG South Carolina However, that didn't matter as they ended up losing to H2k-Gaming on last map of a best of seven in the second round of the tournament.

OpTic placed th and was their worst placing and first time not appearing in the grand finals of a major LAN event since Call of Duty Championship OpTic finished with a win loss record and Scump was once again declared as the MVP of another online league. Scump went home for two days before he had to fly out Australia for the Crown Melbourne Invitationalwhere they ended up beating European Stage 1 champs, Milleniumin the grand finals to win back-to-back major LANs.

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This page was last edited on October 31,at Esportspedia is a competitive gaming wiki.It allows players to clearly hear other players' footsteps who are not using the perk.

However, crouch-walking, going prone, or moving while aiming down sight completely cancels noise created by movement. Dead Silence does not have an effect on weapon switching sounds, however.

Even with the perk, falling from any height makes at least a slightly audible sound, and especially so from large heights where the loud cracking noise is still made. Dead Silence is identical to its Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare counterpart; however, due to the ability to adjust sound settings and thus remove ambient noises and announcer voices, this perk can prove more useful than what it did in the previous installment.

It silences the player's footsteps and reduces the effect of the Recon perk, from 12 seconds to six seconds. Dead Silence can be canceled out by Sitrep Pro within close proximity.

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This does not give the player the ability to survive kill zones disguised as long drops, including the well in Seatown and falling off Overwatch.

It allows the player to move without making any sounds. It also stops audible call outs from a player using the perk.

scump modern warfare classes

This class is more effectively paired up with other stealth based perks such as Blind Eye and Cold-Bloodedor with high mobility perks such as Extreme Conditioning and Lightweight. Suppressors are extremely common with users of Dead Silence, to facilitate a stealth-based class. It allows players to reduce their audio signature.

The Pro version allows the player to greatly reduce their audio signature. It is unlocked after completing the Europa Fall mission. This effects on enemies could be countered by Amplify, but not entirely Dead Silence users' footsteps heard by Amplify are slightly less audible than regular footsteps heard without Amplify, but still distinguishable. One note is that it decreases the volume of footsteps, not the range which they can be heard.

Dead Silence returns in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as a Tier 3 perk, letting the user's footsteps and jump packs be silenced. It is unlocked at Level This perk is countered by the Tracker perk, allowing Dead Silence users' footsteps to be shown. As before, it reduces the user's footstep noise, but for a limited duration which are refreshed in each kill, akin to the Exo Mute Device in Advanced Warfare. It is unlocked at level Barrel: Kilo Singuard Arms Sign In Don't have an account?

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Contents [ show ]. The model of the perk in Create-a-Class. Concept art for a stealth based character model; the upper torso is displayed.Call of Duty 4 user submitted custom classes, to give you ideas on some custom classes.


To submit your own, please check out the Custom Classes Forum. Thank you for your contributions. Excellent to flank out people on Search and Destroy. Use yor claymore so noe body can come near you while your using your scope. With stopping power, the G3 will drop opponents with shots.

Also a pretty silent gun with low recoil. A close to medium range Class. The AKu's power makes up for accuaracy issues, but has very poor ammo capacity. Bandolier is also a good perk to use for Perk 1. The others are all pretty much the same.

Both of these sets work well in Team Hardcore. But I would choose the M4 in any other non-hardcore matches, since the G36C does have quite some recoil. And with non-hardcore matches you have to hit somebody 30 times to kill them, and recoil is your worse enemy when trying to shoot at longer distances.

Steady Aim is useful as you might find yourself in a lot of close range encounters where you might have to fire from the hip. If you get on a nice, long spree though, you might run out of ammo- where Bandoiler can come in handy. Works well with campers when you have to knife them. Use the MP5 to move towards your vantage point, and the silencer will keep you hidden in case you find someone enemy-shaped.

Once there let rip with your Rifle. If you think someones gunning for you, because you've got one too many headshots, swap to the MP5 and be ready for them.

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You can also swap some Claymores in if you want to defend yourself or an objective. Notes : This is the best combo that I have found for when playing Domination, though this can work with Headquarters games as well just switch in claymores for the C4. In Domination games, there is a lot of close quarters fighting, and the P90 is the best gun for that situation. What the C4 will allow you to do is to plant it at one or two of your flags, then when the announcer says that your flag is being taken, just blow the C4 for some easy defense kills.

Remember though, if you die, any C4 that you planted will disappear. Same with claymores. The Barrett will give you range, and the P90 will dominate at close range. Claymores will cover your butt when you are sniping, and for when someone gets past them, the P90 will be your savior. If outside of Hardcore, I would typically take Stopping Power with the Barrett, to insure a one shot kill, but in Hardcore, that isn't needed, so the P90 is a great back up.

Notes : Probably best on Hardcore mode. And reason I think this would be a nice arrangement is that you get the CQC with the P90, and since it already has excellent rate of fire, you really don't need double tap.

And the G3 is unaffected by double tap anyway.The brand new Gunsmith feature can be completely overwhelming to many when you consider the multitude of attachments and the degree of customisation available; there's so much to try and not enough time to do it.

Our aim is to give you the best Modern Warfare tips and tricks to create the best MP5 setup possible. The MP5 is unlocked at level 12 in Modern Warfare's multiplayer. Its best attributes are its great accuracy and easy control, making it very effective at mid-range, even with your finger held down firmly on the trigger.

What's great about this weapon is that it doesn't require many attachments to do well early on. Although this weapon has a good fire rate, it can underperform when compared to others in the same class. This first-class works well for those looking to increase the weapon's damage and rush into the enemy often.

These attachments will allow you to keep your mobility and maintain accuracy, it works best at close range meaning you will need to be willing to get close and personal. These perks will allow you to get around the map quickly and without being detected, as well as allowing you to track down enemies.

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This personal preference, smoke grenades are key to allow you to quickly get across wide open spaces. This setup and playstyle will not realistically earn you high killstreaks, so its best to go with low streaks.

They're also streaks that will allow you to manoeuvre around the map in a safer manner. If you're playing on some of the bigger 10v10 or 32v32, you'll need to have more range and accuracy on your weapon. This setup exchanges some of your agility in exchange for consistency at range allowing you to essentially full auto fire across the map with accuracy. It's fair to say this is not the most practical use of an SMG, but is a solid way to build your gun in the earlier stages.

With a setup like this, you will likely play more passive and these perks will give you the most benefit for doing just that. Your grenades will again come down to personal preference, but claymores will help watch your back and a smoke grenade. If you're playing more passive, you're likely to acquire more kills in succession. Your setup is dependant on how comfortable and confident you feel. If you need something more versatile, it's always worth equipping overkill to give you the best chance for every occasion.

So you will simply need to focus on this gun excelling at close range and allowing you to be mobile. This perk setup will allow you to carry two primary weapons, as well as allow you to be flexible in your playstyle. This is a personal preference, but the addition of a heartbeat sensor will enable you to switch between a passive and aggressive style. This is also down to preference and will become evident based on the playstyle you prefer and the map. Dead Silence is a great all-round field upgrade for getting from one place to another.

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