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Mebuika icon maker octoling

I use the symmetry tool, a round inking pen for the general shape, and a soft airbrush for the lighting and fades in Procreate! Both of them are default brushes by the way. Then use the airbrush with a lighter color for the lighting and color fades. And boom you got it! I also made a messy sketch for myself a long time ago in MediBang. If you wanna try your hand at it again, here are the sketches I use that you can use as either a reference or even a base!

If you use it as a base, please credit me. I hope I was helpful with this! More splatoon pride icon examples!! Had fun with this one, and I feel more confident with photoshop :. Log in Sign up. Heres you are, this is a heccing valid head cannon. Ask splatoon-pride-icons a question splatoon icons splatoon icon splatoon 2 icons spaltoon 2 spaltoon pride icons icons icon lgbt lgbtq lgbt icons lgbtq icon lgbt icon lgbtq icons splatoon callie callie trans.

How do you make them so round and the colour so soffft? I always wanted to make some for my own ocs but that didnt work out so well. Love your art.


Ask jaydegal a question tutorial f2u base f2u with credit splatoon splatoon icon splatoon 2 free to use i was also considering make a video tutorial but COPPA on YouTube is still freaking me out with that big fine i might do it regardless.

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Get from 32x32 Clear. Import Edit. Step 4: Click "Ok" to import your image. Please wait Preview your icon. Export your icon. Your icon is empty. Please import an image or edit the icon before proceeding. Home FAQ.You're kinda creepy and everyone hates when you're on the other team, but when you're helping us out, you're our best friend. What Splatoon character are you? What made you get Splatoon?

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I was bored and needed a fresh game. I heard some of the soundtrack. The demo convinced me. I love Nintendo! My friend told me about it. I like shooters! It was a gift. What's your favorite weapon type? Favorite mode? Splat Zones.

Tower Control. Turf War. Hero Mode. Battle Dojo. I wear clothes for Best Squid Sister? Hail Callie. Praise be to Marie. What I would fix about the game is The reroll system. Nothing, it's perfect! Add more unique gear.

mebuika icon maker octoling

Adding voice chat. What is your playstyle? Show off. Dive in having absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Get splats. Have fun! Support my team. Favorite color? Favorite exclusive ability? Ink Resistance Up. Bomb Sniffer. And finally, what makes you the most salty? Never getting good rerolls. Getting squidbagged. Chargers, literally any charger.Media New media New comments Search media.

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mebuika icon maker octoling

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It's all in Japanese, but you can use Google Translate and etc I've edited my avatar in to resemble what I made using it! Have fun. Reactions: Wolf. Kirigaya said:.

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Azula Sweet but Psycho Staff Member. Tech Admin. That's so cool! I really liked your avatar, so that's surely a great site for any Splatoon fan. This is super cool. I like how you can make a boy inkling have no ponytail and there are also like 20 hair colors. Rachy Sylveon is the best. Staff Member. Contest Designer.

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I made my avatar from last night. Jonah My Second Love is Splatoon! Pretty sick! Dusk Fake Item Box. Good page, I will create an avatar. You must log in or register to reply here.Forums New posts. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. Sign up for an account and start earning Nintendo Switch eShop cards today, chill with members in the community and participate in giveaways. Create Account! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter Mikaya Start date May 29, Status Not open for further replies. Play Coins 2, coins. Greetings, Everyone! With the release of the Octo-Expansion for Splatoon 2 coming up really soon July 31st to be exactWe'd like to celebrate the upcoming release with a task! I'm pretty sure you're hyped, I must say I am!

Have you pre-ordered it, Or waiting until it's officially playable? I'm just gonna wait because I'd rather have something that I can make use of, hah. Wow, I do really think it's worth the money.

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Lots of goodies on offer! Spoiler: List of members who have submitted their Octoling drawing and earned pc!

mebuika icon maker octoling

Last edited: Jun 14, They are recurring enemies in Octo Valley and Octo Canyonappearing both in special missions where they are the only enemies, as well as in normal missions. Sanitized versions of Octolings appear in the Octo Expansionusing a much wider range of weaponry. Octolings are the Octarian equivalents of Inklings. Unlike Inklings, they have thicker and curlier hair, with four tentacles instead of six added with their arms and legs this gives them eight "limbs", as opposed to Inklings' tenhave their suckers above their hair than underneath, beige undersides of their hair, small round ears, purple circled eyes with a dash on the end, pointed fingers, and no spots at the ends of their hair.

Like Inklings, they can walk on land in humanoid form as well as swim through their own ink in octopus form, making up a somewhat small but nonetheless dangerous portion of Octarian forces. They can use various main weapons as well as sub weapons.

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With no visible target, Octolings wander alone or in small groups and ink nearby surfaces for their convenience. Upon being engaged by the player, they make tactical maneuvers, quickly jumping in and out of their ink while shooting and throwing bombs. The best way to deal with Octolings is to catch them before they can react; once found, they are difficult to escape from, as they follow the player in octopus form and shoot at them in humanoid form.

Their body features seem slightly more mature than female Inklings', though this is a result of their clothing, as the in-game model is the same.

These Octolings are considered elites compared to the playable Octolingsof which there are also male versions, and not every female Octoling has the capacity to become a full-fledged soldier. Octoling hair color seems unrelated to their ink, as they have their pre-set hair color regardless of the color set for the mission. As shown in art of the Octolings in The Art of Splatoontheir eye markings are exactly the same of their playable counterparts, but with a purple tinge at the edge of their 'eyelashes', and they have green eyes, like the other Octarians even in octopus form, as opposed to the Inklings' eyes, which are grey in squid form, despite the player's chosen eye color.

Like Inklings, Octolings have an octopus form, which they can use to swim or hide in ink, but can sometimes be seen using it on dry land. Compared to playable Octolings, they have a different octopus form, which has curlier tentacles of the same length and Octarian eyes. Their hairstyle is also not available for playable Octolings.

While normal Octolings have red hair and are fairly easy to defeat, later missions feature Elite Octolings instead, which are faster, more resilient, and deal more damage. Further separating them from the common Octolings are their darker hair and two long strands of seaweed attached to their heads. The only weapons they use are the Octoshot and Splat Bombs.

DJ Octavio is shown to be able to assume humanoid form in Sunken Scroll 16and is the only known enemy male Octarian shown in Splatoon. After completing Octo Valleythe player is awarded the Octosuitbased off the gear worn by the Octolings, for use in online battlesincluding:. Some Octolings have colored fingertips similar to that of Marinaand Elite Octolings haved dark maroon-colored hair instead of black, but otherwise function the same as they did in Splatoon.

Octolings in some stages spawn far away from Agent 4 and Super Jump near their location to attack. Additionally, they also use weapons that resemble the Carbon RollerBlaster and Slosher. Marina of Off the Hook is an Octoling and a former member of the Octarian army who has since defected from their forces.

The Octo Expansion introduces the Sanitized Octolings, using all previous weapons, as well as new mains, subs, and specials, including Octarian versions of the HerobrushHero Dualiesand Hero Brella.

The physical coloration of the Octolings is very different from normal ones. They are shown to have pale greenish skin, dark teal-colored fingertips and blue hair with neon yellow tips.

After completing the Octo Expansionthe player is awarded with the Octo Shot Replica and a set of the new Octoling Gear based off the Splatoon 2 design Octolings, worn for use in online battlesif enough sets mem cakes are collected:.

mebuika icon maker octoling

Octolings firing their Octoshots. Cap'n Cuttlefish warning Agent 3 about Octolings. An Octoling hacked into the game to be made playable. Here, they can be seen with clearly visible eyes and textured to look like an Inkling.

An Octoling and Agent 3 riding on two Octarian machines.

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Sunken Scroll 9 is about the Octolings.I like Splatoon and art. I do traditional and digital art. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Octo O. C Maker Gucci shade ver.

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Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat. Here is the O. This is the O. I finally mustered up the courage to post something after probably a year of absence I hope you like it and have a good day. Help weema be popular by reposting this!!! If you don't, weema will cry and it will be all your faul Next Page. Mimic is Crippled. OH mY gaWD. Summit Striker. Read 3 more replies. Reply to: Octo O. C Maker Is back after years okidoki.

C Maker Is back after years looking good. Could I get that background?

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion - Character Customization! (Octo Expansion Gameplay)

Read 6 more replies. C Maker finally made an inkling Thanks. Reply to: Absol Co. Hullo Do you do requests? Read 2 more replies. You are blocked from following this user and viewing this user's posts.


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