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Animate css on hover

Learn Development at Frontend Masters. There are four different techniques we can use to do this. At the time of writing, the background-clip: text property is an experimental feature and is not supported in Internet Explorer 11 and below. This technique involves creating knockout text with a hard stop gradient.

We can start adding styles to the hyperlink. Using overflow: hidden will clip any content outside of the hyperlink during the hover transition:. We will also use the background-size and background-position properties to have the starting color appear:.

To have the link fill from left to right on hover, use the background-position property:. Applying text styles, such as an underline, with the text-decoration CSS property will not work. Perhaps consider using other approaches when creating underlines.

The text-decoration property will work here:. This is when we need to use the content from the data-content attribute. To keep the text from wrapping to the next line, white-space: nowrap will be applied. To change the link fill color, set the value for the color CSS property using the ::before pseudo-element and having the width start at While this technique does the trick, using the width or height properties will not produce a performant CSS transition. It is best to use either the transform or opacity properties to achieve a smooth, 60fps transition.

I created a demo showcasing this using the next technique: the clip-path CSS property. For this technique, we will be using the clip-path CSS property with a polygon shape. The polygon will have four vertices, with two of them expanding to the right on hover:. The markup is the same as the previous technique.

We will use a ::before pseudo-element again, but the CSS is different:.One of the cool things you can do with them is change the color of an element using exclusively CSS. You can check at caniuse.

The animation property is how you define a CSS3 animation. The MDN Mozilla Developer Network docs have extensive documentation on all the various sub properties available to configure the animation here. The vendor prefixes are necessary because CSS3 animations are still considered an experimental feature the spec is still in working draft status. However, the syntax is consistent across modern browsers, so you only have to copy and paste the code to add all the necessary prefixes.

Icon Hover Effects with CSS Transitions and Animations - CSS Hover Effects - Pure CSS Tutorials

Always include the un-prefixed property last to make your code future friendly to browsers that add un-prefixed support. For an up to date list of what browsers support CSS3 animations and which prefixes to use check out the CSS animation page at caniuse. A JavaScript file detects whether a browser prefix is necessary, which one to use, and applies it automatically.

Another option is Prefixr by Jeffrey Way of nettuts. It lets you copy and paste your code in, run it, and have the appropriate prefixes added automatically. Browser prefixes have been been a hot topic lately after it was announced that IE, Firefox, and Opera are considering adopting support for -webkit prefixes.

Keyframes are a way of specifying a set of properties and their values at different states of an animation.

animate css on hover

This provides the connection used on the animation property above. This animation only has 2 steps, a start and an end. Since such animations are quite common, the spec provides the keywords from and to for defining the state of properties at the beginning and end of the animation. This could also have been written using percentages for the steps. This is usually done by applying a different background-color on the hover pseudoclass of the button as such:.

To improve upon this, we can add a CSS 3 color animation to gradually make the color transition. The following example shows each side by side:. Therefore, make sure not to use CSS animations to perform functionality that is vital to your site or application, it should simply enhance the user experience.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Today I tried to implement in my site animate. The problem is that once you remove the mouse, the 'effect is interrupted.

It could land the 'effect even without hover effect once it has begun? The nice thing about this solution is that it requires no JavaScript. For reference look at this page. I would do it on mouse enter, rather than hover, because you could trigger the animation when the mouse moves out of the element. Instead of use toggleClasschange your code by adding the class in hover, and hook for the animation end css3 to finish and than remove the class.

I believe you are saying animation stops once the mouse leaves and you are trying to achieve animation that once started on hover would stay on.

Learn more. Asked 6 years, 3 months ago. Active 3 months ago.

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Active Oldest Votes. DopustimVladimir DopustimVladimir 7 7 bronze badges. In your CSS file you could just add:. Ben Leitner Ben Leitner 1, 1 1 gold badge 9 9 silver badges 32 32 bronze badges.

This is great, except that the moment you stop hovering, the animation will be cut off. MikeLambert you can make the animation infinite by adding the keyword infinite next to shake : -webkit-animation: shake infinite 1s; animation: shake infinite 1s; this way it will not be cut off unless you remove the house from the element.

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See this jsFiddle for an example. Martin Martin 1, 7 7 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. Irvin Dominin Irvin Dominin 29k 9 9 gold badges 68 68 silver badges 98 98 bronze badges. In this case you have to set the animation iteration count to infinite.

How TO - Transition on Hover

Please add animation-iteration-count:infinite to the animation class in your stylesheet. Spdexter Spdexter 1 1 gold badge 6 6 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges. Have you checked the animation-duration: property - looks like you may have to change it to 2s or whatever you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for your response, I created a jsfiddle to help me better You can write them in code so as to see and understand the 'effect? Assuming you want to add the class when mouse enter and remove the class when mouse leave Vivek Vivek 3, 1 1 gold badge 13 13 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Darkcoder Darkcoder 5 5 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.The humble text link, or anchor, is a mainstay of the World Wide Web.

For a long time links were always blue and underlined, until CSS came along and gave us the tools to change the colour and style and even animate our link hover effects. In this tutorial we will learn how we style and animate the underlines on our links, we will combine multiple transitions, group animation keyframes together, and investigate some of the upsides and downsides of using animations instead of transitions. Download this zip fileand open folder start in the 02 folder.

To begin we have some simple HTML.

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Nothing too fancy here. See the Pen See the example on CodePen. Many sites choose to remove the underline from links and rely on colour or font-weight to help links stand out. This is fine, but worth keeping in mind that some visitors might be colour-blind or have trouble making out subtle differences, so do test carefully. Just to note. It can be useful to know which links on a page your visitors have visited before!

OK back to the CSS. In our links. With the underline gone, we can now put it back! One possible approach could be to add a border-bottom to the links. In the browser we can see the result. You may have noticed in the last module I used the older approach. A big thank you to one of my students for pointing this out! We set a border on the top first. This tells the browser to use the anchor as a container for the absolutely positioned element within it. In the browser we can see that this now positions nicely.

Like border-radius for example. We could even change the border style to dotted or dashed for some crazy styles, or even apply an SVG or image as the underline.I sorted through countless CSS underline styles and picked my top choices for the best custom underlines on the web.

If any of these catch your eye feel free to jump in and try messing around with the source code. Start Downloading Now! Alternating Underline. The underline effect in the nav menu actually changes styles between links. Pretty cool right? Surprisingly simple considering how little code you need about 60 lines of CSS.

CSS line break styles are tricky and not easy to work around.

How TO - Animate Buttons

But with some ingenuity developer Will King built this pen creating a dynamic underline effect that can span multiple lines without any bugs. Note this does rely on a bit of JavaScript to keep the line in-tact. You can design your navigation menus just like any other site and use this CSS effect to create dynamic sliding animations.

Plus all of the results can be altered in the CSS code which includes easings and total duration. At first glance you may not notice anything different with this underline.

Also the underline itself is pushed ever-so-slightly lower beneath the text so it takes on a new appearance compared to the browser default.

This unique pen sports a few custom underline effects created with pure CSS by developer Matthew Scott. These go a little more extreme with the underline styles pushing CSS3 shadows for glowing effects.

You can probably use this as a template to make a rad Star Wars lightsaber design if you have the time or just love Star Wars. The drop-down underline uses pure CSS and it animates the line into view with a transition effect.

I like it more than the lines that slide between links because this effect feels snappier and more direct. If you want a real minimalist approach to underline effects then you should definitely try working with this code. The expanding underline style can be found in the underline pack I mentioned earlier.

But this specific underline is a bit different because it uses custom animation timing. And you can even try customizing the bezier animation yourself to build a unique underline style all your own. Developer Tristan Wilson created these simple underlines that edge the line a few pixels lower beneath the text. This effect is really about aesthetics more than extra usability.

animate css on hover

If you want your underlines to really stand out from all the herd this set is a great place to start. Earlier I mentioned customizing underline styles to fit with descenders in type. The entire effect hinges on a couple CSS3 properties: box-shadow and text-shadow to be precise. The gradient runs through CSS3 so you can change the colors to anything you want. And if you can believe it this thing requires no extra HTML to work. The default CSS underline works great. Who could hate it? The Web Designer Toolbox.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I'm new to CSS and now facing a problem which I can't get rid of. I made an animation using css3 keyframes. This animation simply changes the rotation of an image whenever someone hovers it. Now I wanted to link this image to a website, but the way I did it, the animation doesn't run at all.

animate css on hover

When i add the class tag into the a-element, the offset changes dramatically but the animation works. Learn more. CSS3 animation on a:hover Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 4 months ago. Active 7 years, 4 months ago. Viewed times. Active Oldest Votes. Jezen Thomas Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. Podcast Programming tutorials can be a real drag.

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