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787 fmc trainer

As the original equipment manufacturer, we have unparalleled access to Boeing engineering and airplane systems data. Combining this data with our training development expertise enables us to provide a wide variety of effective training products and services. Contact Us. Boeing Maintenance Training Services MTS enable our customers to train themselves at their own location by licensing a comprehensive and flexible collection of training courses, materials, and tools.

The training courseware package provides assembled courses for ATA Level 1 and Level 3 Systems Training supporting one engine manufacturer. For example:. The included materials contain a variety of rich training media, supporting the above courses and more. To enable customers to conduct training at their own locations, providing a cost-effective regulatory approved training solution. After obtaining the MTS courseware license, customers can acquire desktop simulation hardware from any of the simulation hardware providers.

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Boeing offers comprehensive and flexible maintenance training products and services to our customers. We focus on enabling our customers to train themselves by licensing them our assembled and content-rich training materials.

787 fmc trainer

This training may be submitted for local regulatory approval. Our training packages include the maintenance training manual, instructor presentation accessed through an interactive HTML curriculum, and student materials.

Per seat courses can be registered through MyBoeingTraining. Boeing Business Jets. Model-Specific Courses. Specialty Offerings. Structure Courses. Aircraft Structural Repair Course Catalog. Annual Updates Annual updates are included.With our expertise in systems knowledge, procedure training and jet transition combined with our ability to meet your maintenance training and simulator support requirements, we have the solutions for your airline.

Enquire now Any questions? Contact us Any questions? Contact us Systems knowledge Many pilots want the opportunity to learn in a self-paced environment with individual access to hands-on training tools that are simulated and scenario-based for repeat practice. We create the products necessary for pilots to learn at their own pace and ultimately succeed in their career.

We prepare commercial pilots to succeed in a complex airline operation environment. We have developed a jet transition suite specifically designed to bridge the gap from commercial pilot to Type Rating. Additional products have been developed either as a part of this suite or separately to help with training. As aircraft technology evolves, so too must maintenance training.

We've developed maintenance training products used by airlines, MROs and training centers around the world. These products are designed to reduce training costs and increase operational efficiency.

Our mission is to provide our customers with accessible and cost-effective after-sales services that deliver positive through life operator experiences and training efficiency. Self-paced instruction, demonstrations, self assessment, practice scenarios, remediation and testing are brought together in our CBT solutions. Home Airline Solutions Training systems solutions.

Enquire now. Any questions? Contact us. Systems knowledge Many pilots want the opportunity to learn in a self-paced environment with individual access to hands-on training tools that are simulated and scenario-based for repeat practice. Systems knowledge. Procedure training. Jet transition We prepare commercial pilots to succeed in a complex airline operation environment. Jet transition. Maintenance training As aircraft technology evolves, so too must maintenance training.

Maintenance training. Simulation support Our mission is to provide our customers with accessible and cost-effective after-sales services that deliver positive through life operator experiences and training efficiency. Simulation support. Computer-based training Self-paced instruction, demonstrations, self assessment, practice scenarios, remediation and testing are brought together in our CBT solutions.

Computer-based training. Thank you for your interest in one of our career programs. If you are ready to submit you full application please complete the form here Altenatively, you can start your application process by completing the shortened form below. Year Your privacy Your right to privacy is important to us.

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Mark Forums Read. Questions If you are a professional pilot or your work involves professional aviation please use this forum for questions. Enthusiasts, please use the 'Spectators Balcony' forum. PC based FMC training program? Thread Tools. I am a current skipper with a UK airline and often get asked to help friends learn how to use the FMC either before, or during, training on members of the Boeing family.

I have seen various PC based programs to facilitate this but never been able to get a copy for home use. Bally Heck.

Dont laugh Apart from being a suberb sim of the Programming it is a bit of a point and click exercise, but apart from that it is superb. View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Bally Heck. You might want to take a look at Precision Simulator 1.

Find More Posts by ft. Horatio Slappy!!

787 fmc trainer

Hello, Operate Museum Piece Custodian depending on which way you look at it a Fokker F, 60's vintage and as you can imagine, crammed with the latest digital wizardry. Visit Capt. Find More Posts by Capt. I have the program, am curious what someone who has flown the real plane thinks.

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Find More Posts by mstram. Mike I haven't "test flown" the sim regarding precise handling but it all seems to be in the right frame.

Initial FMC setup - Tutorial

There is a patch available at the maker's website which will enable the fix page on the FMC and also improves the autoland and a few other bits and pieces.

I intend to give it a good work out prior to my next base check. It is an impressive bit of kit and I can't fault it within the obvious limitations of being a PC based sim.

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Much better that the basic aircraft which comew with FS Most of the default aircraft in FS are not very accurate, especially widely sensitive in pitch.

A lot of third party aircraft seem to be much better.It enabled EPR and ASI bugs to be set by the computer and advise on the optimum flight level, all for best fuel economy. It was trialed on two in-service aircraft, a Continental and a Lufthansa for nine months in with regular line crews and a flight data observer.

The showed average fuel savings of 2. The gave a 3. The PDCS quickly became standard fit and many were also retrofitted. By the autothrottle had been devised and thrust levers could be automatically driven to the values specified by the PDCS.

Think of it as having two keyboards connected to the one PC. In its most basic form, the FMC has a 96k word navigation database, where one word is two bytes ie a 16 bit processor. This was increased to k words ink in1 million in and is now at 4 Mega words for the NG with Update The navigation database is used to store route information which the autopilot will fly when in LNAV mode.

These databases can all be updated via the data loader. The Software options database includes the operational program and its update, plus any company specific differences. For a full list of all FMC software updates and their features, please refer to the book.

The Permanent database cannot be modified by crew. There are four types of data: Waypoint, Navaid, Airport and Runway. Runway data is only held in the permanent database. SUPP data can only be entered on the ground. It is then stored indefinitely but crew may delete individual data or the whole database.

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All Temporary REF data is automatically deleted after flight completion. The following table should be used:. This may be used to avoid the turbulent wake of the aircraft ahead or to increase separation with opposite direction traffic. IDENT: Check aircraft model and engine rating is what you are flying, especially if your airline operates a mixed fleet.

Also check the database effectivity and expiry dates.

7 Ways to Improve Your Flight Training with X-Plane 11 – Become a Better Pilot and Student Pilot

Software update number is given in brackets, here U U10 was specifically designed for the NG but can be used on classics. Cost Index is the ratio of the time-related operating costs of the aircraft vs.A complete and fully functional B Turnkey Flight Simulator is a Fixed Base Trainer including all control panels, interior linings and outer shell, flight controls control columns, rudder pedals and motorized throttle quadrant.

Our B turnkey solutions are perfect for a flight simulator center, flight experience venue and for proffesional flight training.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you materialize your projects with our turnkey solutions. All BNG turnkey simulators we manufacture are prebuilt and thoroughly tested in our facility by our experienced engineers.

PC based FMC training program?

This makes the entire process of setting up a simulator completely trouble-free for the Customer while simworld takes care of all aspects of the build from day one and delivers a ready-to-go or turnkey fixed base simulator. On-site training is also provided, which covers normal operating procedures and current maintenance of the simulator. Operating our simulators is easy thanks to the intuitive user interface and cutting-edge technologies we use — with CAN communication at the forefront.

CAN is also utilized on real aircraft, ships, production lines and in other industrial applications due to its high reliability.

787 fmc trainer

Our interface incorporates all hardware drivers in only one single controller what guarantees perfect compatibility, incredible reliability, robustness, minimum downtimes and near-zero maintenance.

Provided is also purpose-built, Control Unit which controls the avionics. The purpose-built Image Generator can be provided as a part of Visual System. For ultimate realism your flight simulator can be equipped with proprietary immersive multi-channel HD visuals. This professional system generates the outside view of degrees! Even without any motion platform, immersion is so high that most pilots do tilt their heads when banking!

In simworld — as the first flight simulators manufacturer — opened own flight simulator center flight experience centre in Poznan Poland, EU named GearUP!

Our Simulator has already flown several thousands of hours with our Customers and still counting, what is the ultimate stress-test for all our equipment and flight deck solutions! A visit at GearUP! Come, see and experience! More information on the GearUP! Our flight simulation products and flight training devices have been appreciated by aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals around the world. We have partnered with universities, flight schools, amusement centres, museums and airlines.

Our attention to details, reliability of our flight simulators, relentless quality control and devoted support have established simworld as the leading force among European simulator manufacturers. Simworld is present in more than 50 countries and still reaching out for new destinations!

You can read our story here. We encourage you to contact us and ask away — we will be glad to answer every question or detail shipping and assembly of the FTD. Worldwide shipping available and extended customer service is guaranteed. Note that all simulators are made to order and lead time may apply.

787 fmc trainer

Category: Turnkey Flight Simulator Tags:projectsimulatorbcompletecomplete simulatorcomplete solutionFBTfixed base trainerflight simulationflight simulatorflight training deviceflightdeckFTDhome simulatorpilot experienceready-to-gosimulatorsimulator projectturn keyturnkeyturnkey simulatorvision systemwraparound. What is a B Turnkey Flight Simulator? What is included in a B Turnkey Flight Simulator? Why FTD from simworld? See the B Turnkey Flight Simulator in degrees!If you do not fly for a virtual airline, you can put in your own flight information and preset a route there.

That way, you can still use this feature. We're only using this as it's there by default in the Airline Flight Database and thus ideal for the tutorial. You can follow this whether you are a merlion pilot or not, so that you can get the hang of using the Flight Management Computer. In this section, we'll show you how to enter an alternate airport and divert in case of an emergency.

After you start your flight, and say you have an emergency, then you click on 'DIVERT' and the plane automatically sets course for the alternate airport. Now, you could manually enter your primary and secondary flightplans, or you could simply import them. If you entered a flightplan which you want to use later, you could also export it. This section will demonstrate how you can edit flightplans in the CDU. It'll show empty if there's nothing there. NOTE: To get waypoint information, click on the wapoint.

Or like me, you like flying 'dialog-less' flights, you can view the Terminal Procedure on the Full screen ND. NOTE: Flightgear's navigational database is incomplete and many fixes and navaids are not preset. Jump to: navigationsearch.

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Category : Aircraft documentation. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Discuss! Portals User Developer Wiki. This page was last modified on 2 Septemberat Please view the media description page for details about the license of specific media files. See Terms of use for details.Avoid being in the yellow zone and keep the highest altitude as long as possible to avoid blade vibration.

This is by FMC design, to prevent a climb. The crew can select either option to fly the aircraft. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

Flight Management System Trainer

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